Краткосрочные курсы РКИ


The program of courses includes classroom games with native Russian speakers, which involve speaking practice, teaching phonetics, vocabulary and grammar of the Russian language, as well as acquaintance with Russian culture, history and attractions of the city of Volgograd. Excursions and a varied cultural program are offered.

Курсы начнут работать, если состав группы будет от 8 человек.

Courses will begin to work on condition of a group of 8 people.

 For beginners

The purpose of the course: the improvement of students’ speech skills and abilities, as well as knowledge about Russian vocabulary and grammar in a communicative learning model involving the component of Russian culture.

Course content:

  • learning the Russian alphabet;
  • introduction to reading technique;
  • learning the basic grammar of the Russian language;
  • learning communication and etiquette forms of first necessity (“Thank you”, “Please”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “How much is it?”, “Where is it located?”, etc.);
  • learning basic etiquette-communication phrases, as well as asking for and giving information in situations of everyday communication («Acquaintance», «Finding your way in the city», «Shopping», «Restaurant», «Hotel», «Talking on the phone», etc.) .
  • noun cases, the expression of time in the Russian language, the accompanying forms of perfect and imperfect aspects of verbs.

 Advanced study of the Russian language

The purpose of the course: to teach students to communicate fluently in everyday situations, improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Course content:

  • learning the basics of speech etiquette, asking for and giving information in situations of everyday communication;
  • study of the basic grammar of the Russian language (prepositional and case-specific system of the Russian language, the declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, conjugation of verbs, verbs of movement, etc.)
  • speaking on a given topic;
  • reading and analysing texts (both adapted and authentic);
  • writing stories and essays based on the studied lexical and grammar material;
  • introduction to regional geography, acquaintance with Russian national communication and behavior patterns;
  • Speaking topics: Getting acquainted, Russia on the world map, City (Moscow, Volgograd, hometown), Education in Russia, Appearance and character, Russian traditions (holidays), Russian cuisine.

  Introduction to the language of business communication

(for businessmen, as well as foreign students  of economic universities with a basic level of language proficiency)

The purpose of the course: teaching students to communicate with colleagues and business partners, to conduct professional conversations and business correspondence in Russian, to understand the language of Russian media.

Course content:

  • training in requesting and providing information in business communication situations;
  • studying lexical and grammatical structures of the language of business communication;
  • reading specialized texts;
  • studying the layout of official business papers;
  • improving listening skills in authentic situations.

 approximate price
2 weeks — 35,000 rubles

 The fees include:
1. Transfer from and to the airport
2. Accommodation (double rooms)
3. Materials for training.
4. Visa support.

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